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Pictures from 1959-1972
This is from 1959 at the Daytona AMA race that was run on the beach course. My business partner Ace Stone rode  a Triumph for Mack McConney who had a small shop in Everett Mass. Mac was the guy that got me into racing. Ace and I met in 1969 and were  partners in a machine shop business for 40 years.


 These were taken by my father in 1964 at Watkins Glen. It was my first race bike. 1963 Ducati Diana. I still have what's left of this fairing.


 These four pictures are at VIR in 1965. I'm # 6, George Rockett is # 1 and Kurt Liebmann is # 52. I was on a

 TD1B Yamaha, Kurt was on a 250 water cooled Bultaco and George was on the Ghost Ducati.

This is the first Boston Yamaha TD1B we raced in 1965. This picture was taken  the next year when I had the AAMRR number 1 plate. It had Bo Gehring's double disc front brake.

Gordon Hoover photo

This is me at the Chicane at Harewood in Canada. About 60 years younger and 40 lbs lighter. My TD1B must have seized....again. Notice the big front tire. I needed it with that double disc brake and the hard tires we had. It was easy to lock up the front.

Me and Gordon Jennings jumping back into the oval at Marlboro.

Another picture by Truman Williamson.

Another picture of the Yetman framed TD1C. The AMA required a colorful vest over black leathers and no real protective gear, not even gloves. Real men didn't need them.

Ready for a bump start race at Mosport in 1968



My sponsor, John Jacobson giving me a push at Daytona.

Duane McDaniels in front of me. We had many great races. He was the CMA champion a couple of years later.


I was the fastest qualifier for the amateur race at Daytona in 1969. a new record. I was leading on the first lap and seized when something clogged the main jet.


Mike Hailwood at the 1967 Canadian GP. That's me over his shoulder. It would be the last time I saw him till he lapped us.

This is me, Ron Grant, Mike Hailwood and Bill Ivy in the last turn at Mosport. In case you didn't guess, they were lapping us. I'm the only one still living. I finished 5th and Ron was 6th.

             The only time my name was on the leader board at Daytona. I won a heat race in the Amateur/Expert 250 combined. Number 25 was Cal Rayborn.                


Sitting on the pit wall at Daytona with Nixon and Rayborn


This is the starting line for the 250 combined. I'm in the middle and that's Mike Duff and Gary Nixon on my left and Bobbie Winters on my right. I was still an amateur in 1968. I was on a TD1C and the AMA let the Yamaha factory riders use TD2 Yamahas that we couldn't get till the next year.


My last ride at Daytona in 1971. I finished 11th and that was the year Rusty Bradley, who was our other rider, crashed and died.

Page from 1970 Daytona program. Number 27 is me.

Me ahead of Yvon Duhamel in turn one at Daytona but not for long.


This was the Amateur - Expert 250 race at Loudon in 1967.   I think I finished 5th and 1st Amateur.  #197 is Ron Pierce, another Amateur, and #6 is Buddy Elmore, a Daytona 200 winner.

The front row for the combined 250 at the  Loudon AMA national race. This was in 1968 #55 is Roger Reiman

This Triumph belonged to a dealer in NJ and I don't remember his name. It had a Routt 800 kit, was incredibly fast and handled really bad, but was a blast to ride. It scared the other riders who were sure it was about to throw me off. I got a second at Mosport but had to sit up and still back off to keep from over revving it. You couldn't gear it high enough with the Triumph rear hub which had the sprocket machined right on the brake drum. This was the reason for the Yetman Triumph.  With the new frame it handled great but I blew it up in practice and I never rode it again.

1969 Loudon AMA combined 250 race. Number 12 is Ron Grant, 58 Jody Nickolas, 190 me, 25 Cal Rayborn.


This is the AMA Indianapolis 250 Combined race. That's Ron Grant in front of me on the Factory Suzuki. They were all experts and I was still a yellow plate amateur in 1969.


It was great racing with these guys. The stars were nice guys, well there were a couple of exceptions. I raced with Duff and Duhamel a lot in Canada.

At Mosport on the TR2

Number 811 was one of the fast Canadians.

Mosport around 1969. I was on Syl Kulaga's TR2. 

I won The AMA Amateur national race at IRP in 1969


Me and Ron Pierce who was on the factory Yamaha. Last lap, last turn. It was one of the heat races for the Combined Amateur expert race. I won and it was the last year I was an Amateur.

The Boston Cycles TR2 at Mosport

This was Mac MacConny's Triumph 500 at Daytona that I rode in 1968.I think I finished about 7th in the Amateur 100 mile race. They started close to 100 riders.

This was John Nelson's CB750 Honda Production racer. We had to use stock size street tires and mufflers that dragged pretty bad in the corners. John was a Toronto MC dealer and I also rode his Norton production racer. Had many great races with Roger Beaumont who rode a Trident for the Triumph importers.

Kevin Cameron working on the Boston Cycles TD1C. I still have this bike and I'm racing it again. It had the first Yetman TD1 frame and a double disc front brake.


























My son Matt's first time on a race bike at Daytona. He was one month old in 1970.




Two years later as my mechanic and now he's 52 and I have to race against him.

The start of the Daytona 200 in 1972. I'm number 33 in about the 4th row. Dick Mann is number 2 and Cal Rayborn is 25. They started almost 100 riders and it was dangerous going into the first turn surrounded by 150mph bikes.

The last year I raced with the AMA I had a national number. That was the only year they gave numbers according to how you finished the previous year. They also included dirt track points which I didn't do.