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Pictures from 1998-2017


My Friend Jim Marhan testing the grip in turn 3  


Mary Branson on her 50cc Honda showing Jim how it should be done

Another Picture of Mary at Gunstock

This was taken at NHIS in 1999 after I put a TD2 brake on my Triumph.

Dave Roper at NHIS

Roper being chased by Zack Courts at Gunstock

This is at Frontierland which is a track we laid out on the roads around the NHIS parking lots. I chased Mary but couldn't get past her 200 Honda. I need to lose about 60 pounds.


Kerry Smith on my Yamaha YL1. She's the only rider who weighs less than the YL1. She's a very fast lady.



I don't get to be in front of Matt much anymore.

Dave Roper chasing me at Frontier Land. This is one of the very few times I beat him and I was on my TZ350F Yamaha against his 250 Aermacchi.

This is Robert Lusk, a friend from England, on my YCS1 and me chasing him on my other YCS1. We   were leading until Robert fell off and then I led until I fell off. He got  up and finished 4th.


This was a "demonstration" race on the streets of Laconia but you know how long that lasted. It was  fun but not very safe. That's Jim chasing me on the second YCS1 I built.


This is my friend Kat Collins just hanging out in a corner. She's a great passenger. I'm not brave enough for sidecar racing, too crazy for me.