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Heroes from the sixties
Joe Leonard

The first motorcycle race I ever saw was at Laconia in 1962.

It was just before I bought my first bike and Joe won.


I took these pictures at the Belknap USCRA race in  2002.

He was our Grand Marshall and took a few laps on Sid Swan's Harley.


Pictures from the 1969 Loudon National

Fred Nix, Art Bauman, Cal Rayborn and Ron Grant

Chuck Palmgren, Gary Nixon and #58 is Jody Nicholas

Ron Grant

Ron Grant on the factory Suzuki 500

Dick Mann giving Gary Nixon a hand


Daytona Pictures 1969-1971

Kel Carruthers and Don Vesco


Gary Nixon on the factory Triumph 500 at Daytona

This was probably 1967 or 1968


Cal Rayborn. The bike beside him is Ron Pierce and the white helmet with 33 is me (I'm not one of the heroes)


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