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This is a Triumph 500 that I built for a friend 55 years ago. He died and his wife is letting me use it. Since she won't sell it, I guess that makes her a sponsor.  




Ducati frame I built in 1972 for a street 350. It weighed 200 lbs street legal. I sold it and bought it back about 20 years ago. I hope to race it as a 175 or 200 someday. (before I forget how to put a Ducati together) I still have about 10 motors from 160 to 350.


  This is the Kawasaki Bighorn that we made when the AMA allowed 350 singles into the 250 class. Kevin designed it and I used 1-1/8 16 ga. tubing for the front section and 3/4 for the rear. We reworked an A1R transmission for it. The swingarm was welded up out of    16 ga. sheet metal.