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Yetman frames



Dave Yetman working on a CB77 frame and a finished frame.


We made a frame for the S90 Honda which raised the engine for ground clearance and then made a leading link fork to go with it. If I'm remembering correctly, It had needle bearings at the pivots and we imported the Boge shocks. My deceased friend's wife still has this one.



This was the first Yetman  Ducati. A very light frame  that didn't work well.
This is the Yetman Ducati that worked. I don't remember how many we made but they show up now and then. My friend Steve D'Angelo found one in California that was still in the box that we shipped it in almost 60 years ago. He's very happy with it and races it with a 250 engine.



This is the first Yetman YL1 100cc. I made it for myself while working with Dave and sold it in 1970. It was found by Gil Greenlaw and restored. I don't think we made many. It weighed 150 lbs. I just bought it back after 40 years and raced it again.





This is me and the YL1 at Nelson Ledges. Someone asked how heavy it was and I just held it up for the picture. The guy with the white sleeves is Robert Lusk and the guy sitting on the bike beside him is Al Golden.

I found out that this picture was taken by Truman Williamson


This is the first Yetman TD1 frame I made. I raced it in 1967 and then it was sold to Peter Renz. After he died it was sold to Ron Burns and then George DeCamp bought it. I raced it a couple of times while George owned it and then my son bought it. He will be racing it in 2008.



This is the first 650 Triumph frame we made.