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RD200 Frame

This is the new frame for the RD200 which also fits the YCS1 and CS3/5. It is a copy of the Yetman YL1 using slightly larger tubing. My son has ridden it and it handles and steers great. The only problem he noticed was a tendency for the front end to chatter on rough pavement. The front tire is showing no wear so lower pressure should increase grip and might stop the chatter. I'm using reworked and shortened Red Wing 34mm forks which are heavier than the forks we were using and I don't use a steering damper. The rear dampers are from Progessive that I've lengthened a bit.

I ran it at NJMP in the last race of 2015 and lead the whole race but screwed up the last turn and Ernie Csizsmar beat me to the finish line. He said it's as fast as his MT125 but I finally managed to beat him in the last 3 races of 2016.


Swing arm pivot and rear motor mount


Bulkhead is 3/4" and 5/8"


Almost finished. Just needs 2 more tubes, shock mounts and a few tabs for seat and tank

Finished frame


 Swing arm in the jig.


Almost finished, just needs anchor point for brake stay and chain adjuster tabs.


Finished frame with SA and footpeg plates which help brace the outer ends of the SA pivot. The SA doesn't use a through bolt. I use 1/2" Allen screws that thread into the frame from each side with a SS bushing that the SA pivots on. I use Delrin bushings and hone them in line after they are pressed in.