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Honda MT125 Frame

I built a copy of the Yetman YL1 frame using slightly larger tubing.


I start with the swing arm and rear motor mount plates which also have the foot peg plate mounts.

It's easier to remove it from the jig to finish the brazing. I use 1/2-20 Allen screws to mount the swing arm pivot points. I find that easier than a long through bolt.

Tubes fitted and ready to braze up.

Front motor mount. I had to make it long to clear the exhaust. The cross tube is to stiffen it. Unfortunately the crankcase is weak and the casting broke . I'll need to make a mount that uses another mounting spot under the engine.


Steering head finish brazed. Just need to put on steering stop.

Almost finished just needs seat and tank mounts.

Swing arm in jig. It's pretty long and made the same as my RD200 which works well without a lot of bracing or gussets.


Frame with tank and seat mounts. The rear shock mounts are next.

I made the triple clamps. The RD200 forks were 2 inches short so I made long top caps to extend them out of 6061-T6 aluminum. The head stock has ball bearings pressed into steel caps that are glued into the frame with structural Loctite.

I got some longer tubes make by Forking by Frank but haven't put them on yet.