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My Yamaha YCS1/CS3 Road Racer

This is the first 180 Yamaha I built in 2002. The Exhaust port was raised 2mm and the piston skirt was cut 6mm. It had Barnett clutch plates and a couple of closer ratio gears from an RD200. I used Chevy points and made the backing plate and points cam. It used total loss electrics. The seat is a TD1C fiberglass replica made in Oz and sold by Neil Collins. He also deals in many NOS and used Yamaha parts. The fiberglass gas tank was given to me and when I couldn't stop the leaks, I made an aluminum tank to go under the fiberglass shell.

The frame is stock except for the footpeg mounts and even has the stock rubber swingarm bushings. I'm using stock CS3 forks with spring spacers and 30w oil. The rear dampers are an old set of Boge that I had in my spare parts. I'm happy with the handling and the power is good now with CS3 200cc pistons. It weighs about 200lbs.





This is how it looked in 2007. It has a PVL ignition and I made a dry clutch. I've made a few sets of chambers but the first set seems to work best. The crank had been in it for 4 years without a failure.

My son rode it to the USCRA 200GP championship in 2007 and 2008.

Henry Syphers owns it now and won the 200GP championship in 2015.