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My CanAm 400cc Road Racer

    Dave Roper took this picture at NJMP in September of 2014. It was the first time I rode it and it handles fine. I got a first and       a second in the singles class.

This is the new pipe. The first one didn't make much power and the second one made 46HP even though I had to shorten it so it would fit. This one is over 5 feet long so I had to curl it up at the front to get the fat section under the motor. I haven't tried it on the dyno yet.

RD200 disc before machining

After machining ready to be de-burred. I took off about 3 pounds.

Mounted on the RS125 fork with a rear caliper from a Ducati Monster.
Mounting the frame to the head was a bad idea. The vibration kept cracking the mount so I made new tubes to connect at the front motor mounts. Seems to work and there is less vibration.