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My Yamaha RT2 Race Bike

Painted the frame, mounted the swing arm and rear wheel.

I need to space the rear sprocket over to line up with the counter shaft sprocket.

I had to shorten the Redwing fork travel to 3.5".


I machined the rear case mounts down to fit my frame.

I found some MX gears that are a bit closer ratio.


I machined new caliper backing plates out of stainless. The originals were cast aluminum and very weak.

Front caliper mounts

Front disc machined so it may not warp.



Finished the fork brace. I incorporated the junction for the hydraulic brake lines into it.


Hydraulic lines in fork brace along with extra seals


Larger reed valve and new spacer



I machined out the port to fit the large valve


I had to space the rear sprocket out and cut down the front sprocket spacer. I machined the sprockets for 420 chain. I used the same  Yamaha rear wheel as my other bikes so all my sprockets will work.