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My Honda MT125 Road Racer

The new frame is much more comfortable to ride. The original frame was made to fit a skinny 10 year old. We rode it at the new track in Canaan NH and it handles great. Now we have to make it as fast as my RD200.

I installed new rims and spokes. I used 1.85 wide on front and 2.15 on back. We are using Heidenau tires.The modified MT seat and Yetman tank were made by Tannermatic. www.tannermatic.com  I also machined a fork brace and modified the exhaust silencer to quiet it down.


The front caliper is an Airheart that I made float because the disc is mounted solid. It works well as the bike is very light.


The front disc after I machined about 3 pounds off it.


The last time I rode it at Canaan NH I beat a 500 BSA in the classic Singles Class but he did fall off on the last lap trying to keep up.