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My Yamaha RD200 Road Racer

Now that the frame is done, and it handles well with the stock motor, I will be working on making a bit more HP.



I'm using RD250 carbs and reed valves but I had to add 24mm restrictors to be legal for AHRMA races. The funny part is that it made 1 more HP on my Dyno with the restrictor plates. I also raised the exhaust and transfer ports a bit and widened the rear transfer. Nothing too radical yet.


                                                                                                   The reeds are quite a bit larger.            


I had to open up the windows to match the wider port and mill out the intake to fit the larger reeds.  Now it is much faster than our Honda MT125 even after I had to put 22mm restrictors in the carbs to pass the new AHRMA rules. It makes 28hp with or without the restrictors.

I slotted the rods like the older style and honed out the bearing bores for .0007" more clearance. 

I made a fork brace which should help the handling even though it handles well already.

Bottom view