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My Yamaha CT2 Road Racer

At the starting line at NHIS

The frame is stock and the front end is from an RD200. I made a dry clutch and machined a basket to fit TZ125 plates. I machined 3 pounds off the front disc. It still has steel rims and tires that are too big and weighs about 185 lbs.

 I machined the head out of a block of aluminum after failing to find a MX center plug head. I made a new clutch basket to fit TZ125 dry plates. The drive for the dry clutch needs some more development. I made 2 pipes but haven't checked them on the dyno.

I cut away a set of cases to help while modifying a     6 speed from a later model MX175. Had to grind some of the gears a little thinner. Took a while but it works.


Next project, after modifying the dry clutch, will be a new frame like my other bikes. That may get the weight down close to 150 lbs.


I finally made the the frame but decided to use it with an AT2 125 motor. It's on the AT2 page.


Then I decided to go back to a 175 so I sent the barrel out to Scott Clough in California to modify. It now is faster than my RD200 and the new frame handles well. I also made a new pipe and will be installing the 6 speed transmission.

I had to move the indexing hole over 4mm

I shortened the cam about 2mm and make some sleeves for the fork shafts.


This cap stops any end play of the fork cam.

I pressed on a sleeve for the neutral plunger.


Now the revs only drop 2000 from first to second and only 850 between 5th and 6th gear. The motor never drops below 8000.
My son races it in Vintage Singles and it's faster than the 500cc singles in that class.